Hi Beautiful People!

My name is Samantha and I want to officially welcome you to Samantha Hilary Photography.  If you want to know a little more about me, please read on…

Who am I?   I am ME.  I’m also a wife, a daughter, sister, aunty, friend, a lover of life and you will often find me with a smile on my face.  I choose to describe myself as a creative, a Visual Artist choosing to specialise in Wedding and Event Photography.

Where it all began   Growing up in a relatively large household we were always taking photographs of each other, documenting our daily lives and adventures.  One of my siblings blessed me with an automatic camera and so my journey with photography began.  This was before the digital era, when we had to wait for our photographs to be developed.  I have so many photographs stored away including those embarrassing ones that are best left off social media!  In my twenties, I decided to take photography seriously.  I bought my first manual SLR camera and took a course in photography which enabled me to develop and grow in my craft.

Moving forward   After some years of practice, upgrading to new digital technology, taking more courses and being the main photographer at many weddings and events, here I am doing one of the things that brings me joy.

My style   I would describe my style of photography as Documentary (“Depicting an actual event, era, life story, etc, accurately and without fictional elements.”).  I like to be a fly on the wall, watching events as they unfold and capture the true essence of my chosen subject, often without pose, which I believe is at its purest form.

What makes me ecstatic about working with my clients?   Capturing stories, encapsulating dreams.  I feel honoured to be a part of my clients day and providing them with visual memories of that special moment in their lives that will last a lifetime.

Beside’s photography, what else might you like to know?  Well,

  • I’ve sung before the Queen of England.
  • I’m an avid reader.
  • Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.  I love the rich, warm colours and hearing the leaves crunch under my feet brings out my inner child.
  • I am a qualified hairdresser.
  • I love Marmite! with butter AND peanut butter on toast, naughty but nice.
  • I’ve studied up to Level 2 of BSL and would like to continue further.


Okay, that’s enough about me.  Feel free to browse through my site.  If you are inspired and would like to know more about my work or how to book me, please get in touch.  Perhaps one day I will capture your story.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon.

Samantha x